August 11th, 2019. Join Us!!!


Oakflats MTB is a cross-country race part of the New Mexico Off Road Series. Oakflats MTB started in 2007 with 7 riders, promoted by enthusiastic riders/parents. The race took off in 2010, and by 2011 was one of the top races with more riders and spectators in the State. The race It’s distinguished for being: a well marked course, kids course, family oriented, spectator friendly, with unique hand made trophies, a positive atmosphere and more. Oakflats MTB was shut down for two years, during 2015-16. Now, we are back! and we offer a fast, flowy course with a little bit of everything for everybody.. Join us!

Oakflats MTB is being presenting an even plain were all riders, spectator and sponsors enjoy the event with the family and friends in a positive atmosphere as well as equal pay/awards for men and women just for mentioned a few.

The vision for a better and bigger event is to keep improving the recipe that is already used since 2010, adapting to the necessities of the rider, spectator and sponsors.